Bunny is the very first “blue” girl in our program having the incredibly rare “dd” gene that results in blue coloring. Full grown at 12lbs we anticipate this girl will make some incredible micros. She loves to meet her family members at the bus stop and is a town celebrity with her beautiful looks and incredibly sweet disposition.


Bruno is a perfect black and white stud muffin. He is dupdup which is the strongest blue eyed gene possible. We expect he will do great things in his future!




Orca is a beautiful black and white with two bright blue eyes. She carries dilute and has the potential for blues and lilacs in her litters. She is out of Meeka and Macho and will be very little as an adult. She loves cuddles and walks!



This sweet girl is so tiny and squeezable. She is a beautiful grey with two perfect blue eyes. She is home bred out of Macho and Shania and has a perfect teddy bear face. She is our smallest female in our program and we expect teeny tinies from her!





Zen is our smallest girl weighing in at 8lbs, and looking JUST like a husky. She is teeny tiny and always captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Her stunning grey is an all time favorite and she has icy blue eyes. She spends her day in the spa greeting guests and making everyone fall madly in love.



Reba is our teeny tiny red girl with 1 blue and 1 green eye. She is a beautiful deep red with all the perfect tiny husky features! She loves to be active and enjoys her dog park visits, hikes and river adventures. She loves to be curled up in a lap and pampered with all the love and attention!



Gabbana is our last keeper girl from the rockstar Katara who is now retired. She is continuing on her legacy and one of the 5 girls currently from her line because she is THAT amazing! She is a CUDDLER! This isn’t common with pomskies, but this line is all about cuddling up and soooo affectionate! She has the stunning looks and a thick short build!



This little beauty looks just like a tiny fox. She is very laid back and has a calm demeanor. She loves her strolls through the woods but mostly cuddling up and staying close to her human. She has a high husky percentage but you would never know it by her size.



She is full of spunk and loves an adventure! She doesn’t know she’s small and is very brave and outgoing! She loves meeting new friends, going on hikes, and swimming in the lake! She has. plush coat with two blue eyes.



Aggie, appropriately named after the periodic symbol for silver (Ag) is a silver merle. She is a wooly and will have super fluffy, adorable babies just like herself! She has a laid back disposition and loves to be cuddled up in someones arms.



Little Miss Rumi is full of spunk! She is the life of the pack and loves a good cuddle session after playing her heart out! She loves adventures and meeting all her admirers on walks. She is a perfect silver with 2 blue eyes



This tiny and mighty guy is from Johnny! He is around 5lbs full grown and has a wooly coat. He is continuing on the legacy of Johnny and will make the sweetest dispositioned pups around! He enjoys hanging with his big sister, Katie, who is a retired husky from our program. He is a big man in a little body!



…This little man never knew he was little from the day he joined us! Now full grown at 5.5lbs he still thinks he is the toughest guy on the block, but a heart to melt all that meets him. He literally makes cars pull over to ask about him. He is so tiny, and looks like an exact husky that people can not wrap their minds around how he is so small! He carries the dilute gene and has the potential to make blue and lilac babies.


Our sweet girl Noodle is truly a soul pup. She melts the hearts of everyone she meets with her sweet disposition. She is so extremely loving and kind and adores everyone from our tiny human babies to complete strangers. She passes this along to her babies in her nurturing way of raising her litters. She is roughly 18lbs with a plush coat.



Bambi is the sweetest, smallest agouti girl with bi eyes. She is happiest cuddling in a lap and jumping on the warm laundry fresh out of the dryer. She is as smart as they come and just wants to please everyone! She loves to meet new friends and is a social butterfly! She carries the dilute gene so she has the potential to have some lilac or blue babies!



Miss Chica is 75% husky and has all the strong husky looks in a mid sized build! She is a true silver with two bright blue eyes with the highly desired black eye liner look. She has exploring since she was old enough to be independent and loves new adventures and meeting new friends. She is very laid back and loves to be held and cuddled which is a rare trait in the pomsky breed. She is a wooly and we expect lots of cuties from her!

Esmeralda- “Ez”

Miss Ez always causes a stir when she is posted on social media. With her insanely expressive and adorable face with perfect husky markings in a pom sized body-what’s not to love!? She carries the dilute gene and possibly will produce blues and lilacs in the future. We know she will create perfect tiny husky marked babies just like her!


Silver is a fan favorite whenever she is out exploring with her extreme sweetness and wolf cub look. She is the perfect tiny husky size at 14lbs with partial blue eyes and a plush coat. She loves all adventures especially hiking and being active! After her day of exploring her favorite thing is curling up on the bed for some cuddles and rest. Her disposition is wonderful and her babies will be just like her!


Shania is our little sweetheart! If you are wanting a cuddly pomsky that is little with perfect looks-this is the momma to watch! She has the stunning grey coloring with blue eyes and SUPER wooly coat. She has always stopped traffic with her beauty and disposition. As a baby she has always loved attention and can now be found strolling the streets in the Pearl District of Portland when she isn’t on momma duties. She is ending up at 13lbs of perfection and is embark tested.



Jock is our little silver 62.8% pom/37.2% husky male. He is expected to be around 10lbs full grown and has a wooly coat with bright blue eyes. He was the tiniest in his litter of 8 but that doesn’t stop him from being brave and fearless! He loves his doodle mix brothers and is always adventuring with them when he isn’t curled up with his family getting snuggles. He has a high pom percentage but looks ALL husky!