How-To-Guide: Adopting a Puppy from Portland Pomskies!

We know how it feels. You’ve been searching and searching for a Pomsky, you’ve seen every website and Instagram post out there. You’ve liked every Facebook page you can find only to be disappointed by waiting list after waiting list. And now here you are reading this! Does Portland Pomskies really not have a waiting list? We hear this all of the time. We formulated a simple application process and created this how-to-guide based on our own experience.

We’ve made it easy to adopt your furry friend, here’s our how-to-guide on adopting a puppy from Portland Pomskies:how-to-guide

  • Like our Facebook and Instagram and keep checking “Upcoming Pomsky Litters” on our website! We post everything first on Facebook. We recommend setting an alarm on your phone to check our Facebook daily. New births will be announced here first. Our Instagram story will also be constantly pumped with stories of the litter and shots of the puppies as they come.
  • Take note of Application Day!! We announce application day 24-48 hours after the puppies are born. To receive a text alert with our application date text “pomsky” to 503-536-1613. This is not a cell phone number-it is an automated text system so it will not respond to questions! This makes sure you do not miss the announcement and can mark your calendar! Prepare your application and make it as detailed as possible. Then, mark your calendar to make sure your application arrives in our Facebook Messenger inbox as early as possible on the day of application.
  • Stand Out! We don’t release the application until the application date but here’s how you can prepare and catch our attention! We LOVE Pictures!!! We want to see where home will be for this puppy. We want to know everything about you and what this puppies life will be like! From where they sleep, to where they play, to where they spend the day while you are at work; anything you think would make your application stand out send our way! Choose more than one puppy! This increases your chances of getting a Portland Pomsky. Have you applied and not been chosen? Don’t be discouraged, if you are applying again, we take note and you have a higher chance of adopting one. Live out of state? Don’t worry, we offer delivery however we will give higher preference for those who travel to pick up their puppy in Portland!


  • You’ve been chosen, now what?! Once we send the email that you have been chosen, we expect you are ready to respond immediately. The longest we can wait is 2-3 hours before we move on to the next applicant as everyone is eagerly awaiting the good news! 50% of that puppy’s price is required within 24 hours to secure your puppy. We do not accept payment plans so if you cannot pay for the puppy in full please wait to apply. We accept Paypal which takes most major credit cards with an additional 3% Paypal fee. We also accept Cashier’s check sent with a tracking number. After the deposit is placed, the puppy is officially marked as sold and you will be flooded with pictures and videos of your new baby. Final payment is due 2 weeks after the deposit is placed.

We have many pairings throughout the year which can result in different weights ranging from 8-30 pounds. Make sure you are checking in daily and bonus points if your actively commenting on our social media! We hope this helps your process in finding the perfect Portland Pomsky puppy of your dreams!